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December 2014 Archives

Chemical hazards at work and qualifying SSD benefits for illness

In the wake of years of litigation regarding the exposure of millions of people to asbestos in their workplaces, many employers are putting a premium on protecting their workers and enhancing safety protocols. But, that doesn't mean that exposure to chemical hazards in the workplace is a problem that has been solved.

Bill aims to tweak some Social Security Administration processes

Social Security funding is seemingly a constant part of the current discussion in our nation's capital. As the population of our country ages there are millions more people who end up on the Social Security rolls every year, most of whom are finally getting their retirement payouts that they have been contributing to all of their working lives. But, funding for Social Security Disability is usually a hot topic as well, and a recent report noted that one United States Senator has introduced a bill with funding for SSD benefits in mind.

What are some of the most common mental conditions?

Mental health issues have been gaining more public awareness as several campaigns seek to lift the veil of mystery that many people see when it comes to this important public health topic. It's not that more people are suffering from a mental impairment than ever before - it's that mental and physical healthcare is advancing so well that doctors are able to diagnose - and treat - these conditions so that Los Angeles residents and people throughout the country can function.

How does the SSA define Supplemental Security Income terms?

Many of our Los Angeles readers probably know quite a bit about the qualifications for Social Security Disability from reading previous posts here. However, Social Security Income is not as well known as a federal program, and many people do not know what it takes to qualify for SSI.

Social Security Administration faces criticism over backlog

Most of our Los Angeles readers have probably heard the expression, "Patience is a virtue." However, for many people throughout the country who are going through the Social Security Disability application process, patience may be wearing thin.

Can SSD benefits help Los Angeles residents who have cancer?

When a person suffers some type of injury, even if it is serious, there is a chance that a full recovery can be made. For people suffering from an illness, however, especially a serious type of illness like cancer, living with the disease - or its aftereffects, doesn't seem anything like recovery.

An overview of reasons a SSD benefits application might be denied

Many people who go through the Social Security Disability application process probably feel tentative. They may be unsure of how the process goes, or what they will do if after all of the effort involved their application is denied. If the worst happens and an applicant is denied Social Security benefits, most of the time they simply want to know why.

Disability benefits for people with Alzheimer's Disease

There are many social efforts out there that attempt to raise the awareness level for certain types of illnesses. For instance, the color pink has quickly become associated with efforts to raise support for women suffering from breast cancer. And some high-profile athletes have attempted to call attention to mental disorders as a way to lessen the stigma that some people say is associated with these types of conditions. But, there is perhaps no disease that has become as high-profile as Alzheimer's Disease has in the last few years.

SSD benefits for traumatic brain injuries

Millions of Americans are injured in various ways every year. Some are victims in car accidents, others are injured by faulty products and many others suffer a work-related injury. In the cases of injuries caused by work accidents, most involve a minor injury and the worker can return to his or her job shortly after the injury occurs, or perhaps after a brief period of time off of work for rehabilitation. In these types of cases, many workers get financial support through workers compensation. However, there are many people who suffer severe injuries on the job and are unable to work ever again. Most people who suffer a traumatic brain injury, for instance, fall into this category.

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