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October 2018 Archives

On-the-job traffic crashes and disability

Every day, people who are employed in many different fields find themselves on the road as part of their job duties. Those who drive large trucks, delivery trucks or taxis may become involved in a work-related traffic crash. It is important to understand that many other fields may involve the risk of a traffic accident for workers in Los Angeles and all across California. For example, someone who is part of a road construction crew may be hit by a vehicle, or someone who works in an office could be struck by a reckless driver while they are running an errand.

Veterans might qualify for 2 types of disability payments

People who have served honorably in the military sometimes suffer from injuries that prevent them from being able to continue their service. Many of these individuals will be able to receive disability payments from Veterans Affairs. If you are among these individuals, you should know that you may also be eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. These two programs won't affect each other, which can be a big help to veterans.

Important points to remember about disability applications

The process for applying for disability is a long one. Many different factors can have a part in just how long you have to wait. One thing that you shouldn't do is to count on a quick approval because this likely won't be forthcoming and your financial state can decline quickly while you await the outcome of your application.

What symptoms of depression may indicate suicide?

If you know someone who you are concerned is depressed, it may not be unusual for you to notice that he or she seems to be withdrawn, unwell and unhappy. However, it is vital that you are aware of the signs of depression that could indicate that someone you care about in California may be experiencing suicidal thoughts. 

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