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November 2013 Archives

Could key to IDing disabling brain injury be in our blood?

Experts in the medical field acknowledge that one of the most challenging public health issues we currently face is that presented by traumatic brain injury. Even though there is data collected from decades of research, doctors' ability to accurately diagnose a disabling brain injury and provide adequate treatments often come up short.

Food stamp cuts offset Social Security COLA boost for some

No one would argue that living on Social Security is living the high life. The amounts that are provided from the government, whether in the form of retirement benefits or benefits for total disability, are what many experts would characterize as bare bones. Many recipients also receive assistance in the form of food stamps, but even with that help find their money stretched to the breaking point.

MS isn't sending NASCAR's Trevor Bayne to the pits

When a person gets a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, it can be a life-changing event. The disease may not be disabling in its early stages, but it is often disabling as it progresses, and it is included on the list of conditions eligible for Social Security disability benefits when certain symptoms exist.

'Frozen in time' child's condition spurs anti-aging research

Brooke Greenberg mystified the medical profession for most of her 20 years of life. She died late last month. Now, scientists are hoping that ongoing study of her genes will reveal some secrets that might someday help slow or stop the aging process.

SSA: Child's total arm paralysis is bad, but not enough for SSI

Do a Google news search for the words Social Security disability and you're likely to find results right near the top that feature invitations by Social Security Administration officials declaring how they're there to help those who are disabled.

When SSA turns tables on disability beneficiaries, what to do?

Social Security, whether it's in the form of retirement payments, Social Security disability insurance or Supplemental Security Income, is meant to be a safety net. It's there to help the most vulnerable citizens, those with disabilities. But, as any attorney experienced in SSDI and SSI benefits knows, the system doesn't always work as it should.

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