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December 2012 Archives

Multiple sclerosis and disability: seeking ways to slow the disease

Multiple sclerosis is a serious autoimmune disease that affects between 250,000 and 350,000 in the U.S. It is among the conditions that can potentially be so disabling that someone becomes eligible for Social Security disability benefits.

Religious leaders in support of Social Security Disability Insurance

Congress makes decisions based on the interests of their constituency, as well as the influence of organizations. Earlier this month, religious groups, including The Jewish Counsel for Public Affairs (JCPA) and the Interfaith Disability Advocacy Coalition gathered on Capitol Hill to speak out in support of the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits program.

Down's syndrome, mental disability and famous American art

Mental illness and psychological problems have also been linked to creative abilities. Judith Scott was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome and became a ward of the state in 1950. Despite these mental and physical disabilities, Judith is the first artist with Down's Syndrome to have her art featured at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. She also has work in permanent sculpture collections in New York City, Paris and London.

COLA changes could impact disability rights

When confronting the "fiscal cliff," lawmakers must consider the impact certain changes could have on individuals who collect Social Security disability. A technical calculation change to the cost-of-living-adjustment, also known as "COLA," could result in lost benefits to the most vulnerable Americans living in Los Angeles, California and nationwide. Advocates for veterans, seniors, and low-income families of disability have joined together to oppose a government-wide switch to the chained Consumer Price Index (CPI).

SSA expands Compassionate Allowances program

Those seeking Social Security disability benefits assistance often face bureaucratic hurdles, delays and denials. This can be a significant burden for those diagnosed with severe illness or injury. In an effort to ease the burdens on Social Security disability claimants and their families, the Social Security Administration is expanding the Compassionate Allowances program. The expansion and additional resources will allow those with serious illness to get fast-tracked approval.

SSDI recipient, blinded after mugging, supports his mother

Social Security disability recipients  in Los Angeles, California and nationwide, rely on government support and many still struggle to make ends meet. While some critics of welfare programs argue that the system caters to many who are not in need, there are even more stories of those who not only depend on the benefits, but are challenged by the limitations of private and public assistance.

Social Security Disability Insurance and the "fiscal cliff"

Without a doubt, lots of Los Angeles readers have been paying attention to the "fiscal cliff" crisis in Washington, D.C. Broadly speaking, that term refers to serious economic choices facing our government that must be made soon because certain tax credits are due to expire, a national budget must be agreed to and plans to raise revenue must be agreed upon.

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