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November 2014 Archives

What are Social Security Disability "credits"?

Most people know that they must have a work history in order to qualify for Social Security Disability. And many people might have heard that this work history requirement has something to do with "credits." But, those same people might be wondering, "What exactly are Social Security credits?"

People receiving SSD benefits face home financing challenges

The inability to work due to a disability can leave Los Angeles residents with a great deal of frustration. That frustration can be multiplied when those same individuals face discrimination because they are disabled and receiving Social Security Disability benefits.

SSI benefits as part of a sound financial plan

Everyone knows that parents will end up spending a boatload of money on raising their kids before they grow up and are out on their own. Estimates are usually in the $300,000 to $400,000 range over the course of 18 years. However, parents of disabled children can expect to spend much more.

The right help at the right time in the Social Security process

Thousands of Los Angeles residents are currently at different stages of the Social Security Disability application process. Some are still considering whether or not applying for SSD benefits is the right financial move. Others have contacted the Social Security Administration for more information on the requirements to receive benefits.

Social Security Administration put to the test on cybersecurity

Most of our Los Angeles readers know that millions of Americans receive some form of benefit from the Social Security Administration. What they may not realize, however, is that by necessity that also means that the SSA is in possession of sensitive personal information, like Social Security numbers and birthdates, for all of those people who receive benefits.

The difference between SSD benefits and SSI benefits

For disabled individuals throughout America, including in Los Angeles, the source of assistance that they receive is oftentimes not a major concern - as long as they get what they need to live. There is no doubt that millions of Americans depend on the monthly benefits they receive from Social Security, as anyone familiar with previous posts here probably knows by now. But there are two programs in particular that are often confused with each other: Social Security Disability and Supplement Security income. So, what is the difference between the two?

How is the Social Security Administration organized?

Some of our Los Angeles readers may know that the federal government employs many people across the United States. It takes a lot of people to keep the government running, and the Social Security Administration is part of the picture.

What is a "Disability Starter Kit"?

Many of our Los Angeles readers have found themselves in this situation: they are suffering from a life-altering injury or illness that leaves them disabled, their inability to work is causing extreme hardship on their family and they are looking for answers. After exhausting all options, many people will turn to Social Security Disability.

A bit of good news from the Social Security Administration

Most of our readers are probably used to seeing negative news about the Social Security Administration and the distribution of benefits. There aren't many news organizations out there that make a point of reporting about all the good that these benefits do for people, or on how this amazing social financial benefits network has helped millions of Americans make ends meet each and every day.

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