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October 2012 Archives

Reservists more likely to be denied benefits by VA

Recent reports have found that National Guard and reserve members are more likely to face claims denials when applying for veterans' benefits. Statistics indicate a bias: the denial rate for claims filed by the reserve component combat veterans is 4 times higher than for post-9/11 combat veterans who were active duty members.These reservist members at risk of denial make up 40% of the veteran population.

Increase for Social Security recipients based on cost-of-living adjustment

Since 1975, automatic adjustments have been made to Social Security disability benefits to account for inflation. According to a government report, more than 56 million Americans who now receive benefits will get a raise averaging around $19 per month, starting in January. To calculate the increase, the government considers the "cost-of-living adjustment" or COLA. Prior to 1975 and the application of COLA, an act of Congress was required to increase Social Security payments.

Is a child with ADHD entitled to SSI benefits?

ADHD can seriously impede a child's ability to learn and function in the day-to-day. For many parents this can mean additional expenses for tutors, education, and personal care. Children in California and nationwide who suffer from disabilities are often entitled to Supplemental Security Income to offset these financial needs. The cash benefit is available to those who are disabled and who have a limited work history.

TBI and PTSD get $100 million for research

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) have confounded doctors and made diagnosis and treatment challenging. The medical conditions can affect hundreds of thousands of Americans, but are particularly common among veterans who worked in combat zones.

Proposed legislation benefits veterans who suffer reproductive damage

Veterans are often victims of severe and permanent injuries that can limit or impact their ability to have children. Spinal cord injuries and damage to reproductive organs has left thousands of service members and their spouses unable to conceive. A war-related injury that results in the inability to have children can be a horrific reality for many veterans and their families.

War vets facing benefits delays and denials

Veterans returning home from war may suffer a range of physical and mental impairments leaving them unable to return to the workforce. In the most severe cases, these veterans will need medical assistance, treatments of care. Unfortunately, the government has not been able to keep up with the significant number of benefits claims, leaving hundreds of thousands of veterans in California and nationwide without the financial support they need and deserve.

An aging workforce, not abuse, accounts for spike in benefits

Increased scrutiny has been placed on the Social Security disability program, with many critics, including politicians, claiming that abuse is responsible for the growing number of claims. New evidence suggests that shifts in the workforce population have led to an increased dependence on SSDI and SSD benefits, not abuse. While the number of those collecting benefits has grown, statistics show that that it is not because individuals are taking advantage, but because an aging population has resulted in greater need.

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