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January 2015 Archives

Facing the challenge of diabetes and disability

Our Los Angeles readers probably know that diabetes is a common health condition that millions of Americans struggle to deal with every day. Some are more successful than others, able to enjoy life to the fullest even despite diabetes. However, for many people this disease is a daily challenge.

Heart disease in America

Millions of Americans suffer from some form of heart disease. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 600,000 people die due to heart disease every year in America - that is a full one-fourth of the average numbers of deaths each year. Approximately 720,000 people per year have a heart attack. Heart disease is a serious public health concern.

Are you unable to work because of carpal tunnel syndrome?

There are millions of workers in America whose job includes tasks that demand hard, physical labor. Many of those workers probably daydream about having a "cushy desk job" instead. On the other hand, there are many office workers who sit at a computer all day and probably daydream about being outside in the sun. There is a significant issue that these office workers may have to be concerned about, even though they aren't lifting and walking all day - carpal tunnel syndrome.

What are the potential effects of a spinal cord injury?

Many of our Los Angeles readers probably suffer from back pain to some extent. For some, it is just a lack of exercise and poor posture. For others, a back injury of some type may be the culprit. But what happens when a back injury is more severe? What happens if a Los Angeles resident suffers from a spine injury?

Focusing on Supplemental Security Income benefits in the new year

Every year when the calendar turns over to January millions of Americans make resolutions to improve their lives or the lives of others. Some people resolve to stop smoking or to exercise more, while others resolve to stick to a budget and get their finances in order. The Social Security Administration, it seems, has made a resolution as well - to get out the word on how Supplemental Security Income can help families throughout the country.

What potential changes are on the horizon for SSD benefits?

Most of our Los Angeles readers have probably seen the reports over the last couple of weeks detailing the new members of Congress taking their place in our nation's capital. For at least the next two years both chambers of Congress will be controlled by the Republican Party, and many experts expect to see quite a bit of legislation passed by both chambers and forwarded to the President's desk. The only question then is whether or not President Obama will sign legislation into law or veto it.

An overview of blood diseases and SSD benefits

There are all types of diseases that could lead to a Los Angeles resident qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits for illness, both mental and physical. Physical diseases, however, are often easier to prove in an application for benefits. A blood disease, for instance, is one such illness.

SSA communications for the blind

Many people have different ways of dealing with their disability. Some people have certain modifications completed in their home, like handrails or wheelchair ramps. Others have personal caregivers who can assist with some of the household chores. But what about a task as simple as reading your mail?

What happens to your wages after you're injured?

Brain injury, neck injury, back injury - what do they all have in common? The serious possibility that Los Angeles residents with such an injury will find themselves completely unable to work for an extended period of time.

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