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Facing the challenge of diabetes and disability

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2015 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Illness

Our Los Angeles readers probably know that diabetes is a common health condition that millions of Americans struggle to deal with every day. Some are more successful than others, able to enjoy life to the fullest even despite diabetes. However, for many people this disease is a daily challenge.

Diabetes can affect people in many different ways. In the most serious cases, a person with diabetes could end up with nerve damage or problems with their eyesight. Nerve damage could lead to pain or even numbness in certain areas of the body. The problems with blood sugar can make some people suffer from nausea or shortness of breath. It is hard to predict how diabetes will impact a person’s life.

For the people whose lives are completely derailed by this condition, qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits for the illness may be an option. At our firm we have helped clients put together a strong application for SSD benefits – an application that points out the debilitating effects of the disease and how these complications make it impossible to work.

The fact that millions of Americans do have diabetes and are able to carry on with a “normal” life may make it more difficult to convince the Social Security Administration of the limitations a person with a severe case of diabetes can face. Putting together all of the correct medical documentation is crucial when applying for SSD benefits. For more information on how our firm helps Los Angeles residents who are suffering from diabetes, please visit our website.

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