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June 2013 Archives

Congress calls on SSDI judges to testify on high approval rates

Earlier this week, several administrative law judges working for the Social Security Administration were called to testify before Congress as part of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee's investigation into the Social Security Disability Insurance program.

Feds say big changes are needed to save SSDI program

A new reasearch note from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco suggests that changes are needed within the Social Security Disability program to prevent it from going insolvent. The SSDI program provides federal benefits to workers who can no longer perform their jobs because of disabling conditions, including injuries and illnesses. The program has been under ridicule for the past couple years as a record number of Americans are now receiving benefits.

Video of 3-year-old hearing for the first time goes viral

A 3-year-old boy who suffers from total deafness became an internet sensation this week after a video of him hearing his father's voice for the first time went viral. The boy, who had been deaf since birth, appears stunned when he hears his father say, "Daddy loves you."

No correlation between rising SSD claims and expiring jobless pay

Lately, given the talks about budget cuts on the federal and state levels, there has been much suspicious and frankly misleading discussion about why people apply for Social Security disability benefits. Often, these benefits are a lifeline for those who receive them, keeping those individuals out of deep poverty.

Common causes of joint pain

Joint pain is a problem that affects countless people in California and the rest of the nation. But not all joint pain is the same, nor should it be treated that way. Joint pain can occur because of a variety of different illnesses and conditions, so it's important to figure out what type of joint pain you are suffering from before you try to treat it.

Decades old therapy being used to treat mental illness

A therapy that is roughly two decades old is gaining wider acceptance in the medical field as a means to treat mental illness. Cognitive remediation is a therapy that trains the brain to work through steps that are needed to achieve goals. In several cases, mental health patients say they have turned their lives around because of the therapy.

New pre-natal Down's syndrome test being developed

Down's syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects thousands of individuals in California and the rest of the United States. Down's syndrome causes lifelong intellectual disabilities, developmental delays and other health problems, according to Mayo Clinic. People with Down's syndrome automatically qualify as being "disabled" for purposes of collecting disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

HUD calls for better housing options for disabled people

Being disabled can make a lot of things in life more difficult, such as maintaining a job or finding housing. Luckily, many adults with mental and physical disabilities are able to qualify for Social Security Disability, which can help supplement their income. Additionally, federal officials are now pushing to make housing more accessible to disabled individuals.

Doctor discusses new approach to treating autoimmune diseases

A California doctor recently wrote an article for the Huffington Post that details her treatment of patients with autoimmune diseases. She said that while treating autoimmune diseases seems fairly simple -- first, diagnose the disease and then try to suppress the inflammatory process with drugs -- a more wholistic treatment can be even better for the patient.

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