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June 2011 Archives

After SSD denial, man robs bank for $1 to get healthcare in jail

California residents are struggling. Faced with unrelenting unemployment and one of the worst housing markets in the country, many people are having trouble making ends meet. So many people will likely empathize with one 59-year-old North Carolina man, or at least understand the motivation behind his recent "criminal" activity.

SSA commissioner disputes disability backlog report

In 2008, applicants who have appealed the denial of Social Security Disability benefits could find themselves waiting for well over a year for their appeals to be heard, as the average SSD appeal wait time peaked at 508 days.

Impairment focus: Fibromyalgia

When you suffer from a disease that is not well-known or that does not display any physical symptoms, it can be difficult or even impossible to receive any understanding or empathy from your family, your boss, or even your doctor. Sadly, this is often the case with fibromyalgia.

Parole violation no longer disqualifies SSD applicants

Last month, the Social Security Administration issued a notice alerting Social Security Disability applicants and benefit recipients of a fairly significant change to its procedures. Starting immediately, the SSA will no longer suspend or deny Social Security benefit payments or deny SSD applications on the basis of a probation or parole violation.

Approval rate scrutiny spurs SSA judge's resignation

After an accusatory article in the Wall Street Journal called attention to the unexplained high rate of disability case approvals in one West Virginia county, that district's chief Social Security Administration judge has officially stepped down from his post. Although his decision was voluntary, it is indicative of the increasing pressure on judges who decide Social Security Disability cases.

SSD recipients can expect a cost of living increase in 2012

After going more than three years without a sorely needed cost of living adjustment, Social Security beneficiaries are expected to receive an increase in benefits next year. Currently, that increase is predicted to be less than one percent, but if gas prices and other costs remain high, beneficiaries may see as much as a two percent increase in their benefit amounts.

Disability study shows pattern of rejected SSD applicants

In a recent study performed by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, researchers uncovered that males who apply, and are ultimately rejected for, Social Security Disability benefits tend to have lower earnings in the decade prior to making their SSD application than do men who are approved for benefits.

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