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December 2013 Archives

Study: Somali kids tend to be hit harder by Autism

Years of civil war in Somalia have brought a lot of refugees from that East African nation to the United States. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, California is one state that has attracted significant numbers. The largest clustering, however, has occurred in Minnesota.

Jail oven blast injures 10 inmates, 1 with serious head trauma

Dust may still be settling in the wake of a gas explosion at the Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County in Northern California. Officials say an oven in the jail blew up and left 10 inmates injured. One of them suffered serious head injuries.

Debate on vaccine use continues as meningitis spreads in CA

Last week, we took note of the fact that a particularly virulent form of meningitis bacteria had cropped up at the University of California at Santa Barbara. At that time, four students had come down with the bug. Three are now reported to have recovered, but the fourth has been left permanently disabled. Doctors had to amputate both his feet.

Newtown anniversary spurs White House pledge on mental health

That mental illness is and should be a concern for the United States is something that few people would likely disagree with. How to go about addressing the issue is another matter. Despite widespread acceptance that mental conditions can be just as detrimental as physical problems, they tend not be handled the same way.

Government handling of SSA payment mistakes irks disabled vet

It is no secret that the Social Security system is complicated. That portion of the agency that deals with retirement benefits seems to run on a separate set of rails from the section that covers Social Security disability benefits. Each line has its own set of difficulties, which is one reason why those seeking disability benefits are always wise to work with an attorney.

Meningitis strikes California students; 1 permanently disabled

Illness can strike at any time. Some illnesses are more destructive and debilitating than others. Meningitis is one of the most pernicious of diseases and its effects on the brain and the blood can leave a victim permanently disabled. It can sometimes be fatal.

SSA study finds fraud not key in rising disability claims

The Social Security system is facing a lot of difficulty. That should come as no big surprise to anyone in California or the rest of the country. Critics, especially those of the program providing Social Security disability insurance benefits, point to one telltale of concern in particular -- the seeming explosion in the number of claims filed in recent years.

More SSDI denials in one jurisdiction have some wondering why?

Advocates for Californians seeking Social Security disability insurance benefits for which they believe they are eligible know well that the process is not easy. Qualifying for SSDI requires that the condition a person is suffering from is expected to last for more than one year or that it will result in the sufferer's death.

ADHD diagnoses are on the rise, reason why is unclear

Any parent who has faced the issue of a child being diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder knows it can be cause for anxiety. There is the challenge the child faces in school, and the challenge the child can present to educators. If the nature of the mental condition is severe enough, it can require significant extra resources.

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