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February 2013 Archives

California's short term disability program disappoints

Life has been made more difficult for people in California trying to get information about disability or unemployment benefits thanks to budget cuts. Officials with the Employment Development Department recently acknowledged that people are having difficulties reaching anyone at the EDD offices, and they hope to have the problem addressed by this summer.

Report: Many young adults suffering from chronic stress

As you have probably heard in the past, a little bit of anxiety can be a good thing in life. It could prompt you to study before a big test or prepare before an important presentation. However, too much anxiety can wreak havoc on a person's life.

Many Americans still lack control over diabetes

Diabetes can have a devastating effect on many parts of the body. When these disabling effects prevent a people from working, they may be eligible for Social Security Disability/Supplemental Security Income (SSD/SSI) benefits to help supplement their incomes.

HUD program provides rental assistance to the disabled

Countless people in the Los Angeles area and the rest of the country depend on Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits because they are unable to earn a living due to disabling injuries, illnesses and conditions. SSD benefits are intended to replace the income of individuals who cannot financially support themselves due to a serious and long-term medical condition.

Study finds link between heart disease and pre-dementia

Cardiac disease is a serious problem in the United States and the leading cause of death among men and women in the country. According to a recent study, people with cardiovascular disease may also face a higher risk of developing mild cognitive impairments compared to those without heart issues.

Compassionate Allowances now includes 200 conditions

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are meant to replace income lost due to a serious and long-term disabling condition that prevents a person from working full time. But for most people who apply for SSD benefits, the application process can be a long and tedious process. Not only do you have to prove that you have a bona fide disability, you also have to prove that your condition prevents you from doing the work you once did as well as other types of work.

Researchers say deep brain stimulation may alleviate autism

In a groundbreaking report, doctors said that electrodes implanted in the brain of a 13-year-old with severe autism reduced the boy's symptoms and allowed him to use language for the first time ever. The one-person study was conducted by German researchers and could offer hope to the many people throughout the world who live with severe autism and its disabling symptoms.

Study: 'Positive' parenting helpful with disabled children

A recent analysis of several past studies determined that parenting style has an influential effect on children with disabilities. Researchers determined that children with special needs exhibited greater independence, better language skills, stronger emotional expression and social interaction in response to "positive" parenting.

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