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January 2016 Archives

Avoiding identity theft when receiving SSD benefits

Identity theft is a problem that many of our Los Angeles readers have most likely heard of or, if they are really unfortunate, have experienced firsthand. There are many different ways that criminals engage in identity theft, and many of our readers may be particularly concerned about this issue due to the amount of information they are required to submit as part of an application for Social Security Disability benefits. On top of that, "tax season" is coming up quick, and more personal information than ever before is about to be transmitted to the federal government by millions of Americans.

Can creditors garnish SSD benefits to collect on debts?

For the thousands of Los Angeles residents who receive Social Security Disability benefits, that financial lifeline is crucial. Workers throughout America pay into the Social Security Disability trust fund with every paycheck, and they expect those benefits to be available if they should somehow become disabled, either through injury or illness. But, once those SSD benefits are approved, are they free from being encumbered by garnishment from debt collectors?

The crucial interplay between income and SSI benefits

Many of our Los Angeles readers may know that not all disabled individuals in America will qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. SSD benefits are reserved for those individuals who have the requisite number of work credits, so disabled children, for instance, may not qualify. But, the good news is that the families who are raising a child with a disability are not without hope. They may be eligible to apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI.)

Can you go back to work after being approved for SSD benefits?

The Social Security Administration has a message for Los Angeles residents who receive Social Security Disability benefits: you are not prohibited from returning to the workforce. In a recent article, an employee of the SSA assured readers that a person who is receiving SSD benefits can in fact look for work -- and that doing so may not necessarily impact the benefits that the person is receiving.

Getting answers to your questions about SSD benefits

Los Angeles residents who suddenly find themselves dealing with a disability usually face quite a bit of uncertainty. For some, they were injured in a work accident, and the injury is so severe that their disability will keep them from returning to the workforce for an extended period of time -- or maybe for the rest of their lives. For others, they have been diagnosed with a debilitating disease, and they are now facing a complete inability to work whatsoever. Regardless of the reason for the sudden disability, uncertainty is a common theme for Los Angeles residents in this precarious position.

Brain injury and Social Security disability benefits for injury

Most of our Los Angeles readers know that Social Security disability benefits are not awarded to just anyone who applies. There are stringent requirements that must be met in order to have a chance to receive SSD benefits. Besides the "work credits" requirements, which other posts here have addressed, the applicant's disability must meet the definition of "disability" as prescribed by the Social Security Administration. And, in short, that definition can be a high bar to meet: the medical condition must keep the applicant from working in any meaningful capacity, and the disability must be expected to last 12 months or longer -- or result in death.

Can young workers apply for Social Security disability benefits?

Younger workers in Los Angeles are usually only worried about keeping their job and advancing up the ladder of responsibility in the workplace. They typically do not think about whether or not they may at some point be the victim of some sudden injury or illness that prevents them from being able to work at all. As a result, young workers who have the misfortune of actually ending up in this type of situation may be asking themselves: Can I apply for Social Security disability benefits?

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