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January 2013 Archives

Senator to retire after decades of fighting for the disabled

A United States lawmaker who has been a longtime advocate for the country's disabled population announced this week that he will retire from the Senate next year. Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, who is 73, said he will not seek re-election for a sixth term, causing worry among some in the disability community.

Delay in disability payment for some Californians

The transition from one form to another can often lead to confusion when paperwork changes are made, especially when dealing with government agencies. Throw on top of that a move to paperless forms, and you double the likelihood of errors and delays in processing.

Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the U.S.

There is often a never ending cycle of disease impacting disease which accompanies most who suffer from arthritis. When one suffers from joint pain in their hip, back, knees, hands or feet, it often makes exercise difficult and the sedentary lifestyle that accompany those pains can bring about other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, or even stroke. An increase in weight on the joints due to inactivity creates more and more pain for those who suffer from the most debilitating disease in the United States.

Man must prove he's still alive to the SSA

"I'm not dead!" That was one man's reaction to some disturbing news he and his family received in the mail courtesy of the Social Security Administration. While the news may have shocked him, he can take disturbing comfort in realizing that he is not alone. Roughly 1000 people every month receive similar news and are suddenly thrust into a fight for finances, medicine, and information.

Is your child eligible for SSI or SSD?

As an adult, the loss of ability to hold a job that provides substantial work and income can be a devastating experience. For many it takes from them a source of joy and fulfillment and fills that void with trials and tribulations. Those members of society have been paying Social Security in order to receive benefits in case such an event occurred during their lifetime.

Federal benefit programs to go paperless with payments nationwide

According to the Treasury Department, California has one of the largest state populations still receiving paper checks for federal benefit programs. With nearly five million residents nationwide still receiving paper checks monthly, the agency estimates that it could save roughly $4.6 million a month by going paperless. By switching to direct debit and "Direct Express" debit cards, the savings on printing and shipping alone could save nearly $1 billion over the next 10 years.

Are you eligible for CalFresh if receiving SSD or SSI?

If assistance in paying for your groceries were available would you use it? Are you eligible to use CalFresh, formerly known as Food Stamps and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), but don't? According to one California County, over 50 percent of eligible participants do not use the funds available to them.

Employee of SSA caught double dipping with SSDI

Collecting Social Security Disability (SSD) in California, or in any state for that matter, is never easy. In order to collect, one must prove that the serious or long-term medical condition that is preventing you from continuing to earn a substantial living from work will either lead to your eventual death, or that it will prevent you from working for more than one year.

Chronic worriers more likely to suffer from PTSD

A recent study indicates that those who are chronic worriers are at a higher risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following traumatic events. The findings suggest that prior frequent worrying is an important risk factor that needs to be accounted for after a patient experiences trauma so that health care professionals can respond accordingly.

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