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November 2012 Archives

Disabled parents may face custody challenges in court

In addition to the day to day struggles of intellectual or physical disability, a new study confirms that disabled parents may also face challenges in the court. Disabled parents were found to be at a significantly higher risk of losing custody of their children.

City of San Jacinto sued by DOJ for barring group homes

The federal government is suing a Southern California city for using zoning laws and discriminatory enforcement measures to prevent the use of group homes for people with disabilities. According to the complaint, the city is using zoning codes to prohibit and restrict group homes from locating to the jurisdiction. The laws target housing for people with disabilities with aggressive enforcement measures.

Known "party drug" used to treat PTSD

MDMA or "Ecstasy" is a known party drug that was popularized in the 1980's and 1990's. The drug was criminalized in 1985 when government placed the drug on the list of prohibited substances along with heroin and LSD. Though the drug is considered an illegal "street drug," government regulators have also licensed a small number of labs to produce MDMA for research. One of the research teams has used MDMA to treat patients of PTSD.

World AIDS Day and Social Security assistance for people with HIV/AIDS

World AIDS Day is December 1st and the Social Security Administration, the President, government leaders, agencies, and organizations around the world are raising awareness and honoring the millions of people who are living everyday with HIV/AIDS. Those who have been diagnosed and suffering from the disease are often unable to work.

Happy 40th: Does Supplemental Security Income (SSI) need reform?

Last month marked the 40th anniversary of the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. Signed into law by President Nixon, the program was established to provide systematic financial support to help prevent poverty among the disabled and elderly.

New bill expedites payments for wounded combat veterans

Increasing attention is being paid to the extended wait times faced by veterans and those in need Social Security Disability payments in Los Angeles, California and nationwide. A new bill is under review to expedite disability payments to those veterans injured in combat. Though not all SSDI recipients will benefit from the bill, it could mean an substantially reduced wait time for veterans returning from combat and in need of financial support.

Recipients may face longer wait times for benefits

Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be a daunting process. Even after an applicant is approved, delays could cause serious and long-term financial harm. Applicants will often be denied benefits on a first attempt and the face bureaucratic hurdles, before and after a claim is approved. Sadly, disabled and injured persons, as well as their families, often slip into poverty while waiting for benefits.

Brain-controlled devices may improve life for paralyzed people

Victims of paralysis will suffer not only suffer immobility, but often experience a severely decreased quality of life. Loss of limb or the inability to move without a wheelchair or assistance can severely limit independence. Victims of spinal cord injuries or amputation in Los Angeles, California may benefit from new technology that allows a disabled person to control machinery using only brain connections.

Limitations on earnings can burden SSI recipients

There are 8.7 million Americans who collect benefits from the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. The cash benefit is intended to support the disabled and elderly who are unable to work. Recipients usually have little work experience and need the benefit to cover basic needs, including food, clothing and shelter. New studies suggest that the income caps on disability benefits recipients can prevent recipients from ever reaching financial security or middle-class status.

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