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May 2014 Archives

Do you know enough about applying for SSI benefits?

Although the national economy is reportedly getting better, there are still millions of Americans who have yet to see any tangible evidence of a recovery. For the millions of Americans just struggling to get by, including many Los Angeles residents, it can seem like there is no help to be found. However, for those individuals over the age of 65, or those who are living with blindness and even for those who caring for disabled children, Supplemental Security Income could provide some much needed financial assistance.

SSD benefits as a political bargaining chip

For millions of Americans, including many of our Los Angeles readers, living with a disability is a fact of life. However, no matter how the disability arose, whether through an injury in a work accident or an illness that couldn't be prepared for, the inability to work as a result does not have to leave people who live with disabilities scrapping for the basic funds to survive. Social Security Disability is intended to help people who find themselves in this type of situation with the financial assistance they need, oftentimes to the extent that the SSD benefits are the sole source of income. But, as important as these benefits are for millions of Americans, some people disagree with this financial assistance, and many of those people are part of the federal government.

Older Americans Month may want to focus more on SSD information

Many groups and organizations like to label certain months as a specific time period in the year to honor particular groups of people or raise awareness of certain issues. For instance, by now many of our Los Angeles readers have come to expect heightened attention in February on the contributions and accomplishments of African Americans in our society, during what has become known as "Black History Month." However, many people may not know that the current month of May is "Older Americans Month."

Military veterans will get disability applications expedited

There is no denying that the process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be tedious as times, especially when it seems like it is taking forever to get a determination. And, when someone is denied Social Security benefits the process of appealing the decision can make the whole ordeal take even longer. However, as the whole country gets ready to celebrate our nation's military veterans on Memorial Day, the acting commissioner of Social Security recently announced an initiative that should help many people who are currently involved in the Social Security determination process.

The current discussion on SSD benefits is focused on unemployment

As most of our Los Angeles readers are probably aware, every month the official unemployment statistics are heavily scrutinized. While the numbers over the last several months seem to have remained stagnant, the official unemployment rate has dropped a few percentage points from where it stood about four years ago. The current discussion in the national media, however, especially with a crucial mid-term election approaching this year, is how to jump-start the national economy and get the unemployment rate even lower.

Program approves Social Security Disability Benefits faster

When a person is permanently disabled and unable to work, money becomes a huge concern - both in the short and long term. For a long period of time, though, Los Angeles area residents struggling to stay above water financially were weighed down by the fact that applications for Social Security Disability benefits took too long to review, often pushing them past the point of no return.

Will burn victims from La Habra factory blast ever work again?

That's a question that is surely being pondered as the 11 victims of a factory explosion in La Habra continue to recover. Two of the victims of that explosion last week reportedly suffered serious burns over 90 percent of their bodies and at last word were listed in critical condition.

It's Melanoma Monday. Do you know how your dermis is doing?

Every day, week and month seems to have some special cause associated with it in this country. Did you know that yesterday was Star Wars Day? We're sure it came as a surprise to some and was completely missed by others, but it was May the 4th (May the fourth be with you).

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