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September 2014 Archives

An overview of the disability appeals process

Millions of Americans are denied Social Security Disability benefits each year. In fact, only an estimated 40 percent of applicants for Social Security Disability are approved. However, for those who aren't successful in getting approved for SSD benefits on their initial applications, fear not - there is an appeals process. But, when a Los Angeles resident receives notice that they were not approved for SSD benefits, a clock starts ticking. That person has only 60 days to notify the Social Security Administration that they would like to appeal the initial decision.

Can children receive Social Security benefits?

Many of the previous posts here provide a lot of details regarding Social Security disability benefits. Some of our readers may be looking for information not for themselves, but for their disabled children. They may be left thinking, "Can children receive Social Security benefits?" As it turns out, the answer is "yes." However, the benefits aren't quite the same as those available to adults with a disability. Instead, the benefits are known as "Supplemental Security Income."

Could West Nile virus outbreak leave victims with a disability?

Many people who are receiving Social Security Disability benefits for illness are suffering from cancer, heart disease or mental disorders. But, according to a recent report, there may be another problem to worry about in California: the long-term effects of West Nile virus.

Los Angeles Fire Department looks to prevent deaths and injuries

Each year millions of Americans find themselves in a position where they must apply for Social Security Disability benefits for injury related problems. Whether the injury occurred on the job or in other circumstances, these applicants are unable to work and they need financial assistance. For these people, it is great that a social safety net like SSD benefits is available. But, it is also good news when someone is out there trying to make sure that injuries don't happen to begin with.

Getting answers for questions about SSD benefits - Part 2

This post is the second part of an in-depth look at some of the most common questions that our firm receives when it comes to information about Social Security Disability benefits. The first part addressed questions regarding how disability is defined by the Social Security Administration, how a disability is proven and how to make an application for Social Security Disability benefits stronger.

What's the best way to plan a path toward receiving SSD benefits?

While most people do not know a great deal about what it takes to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, if there are two things they know, it is this: Applying is no sure guarantee of approval and the application process can be difficult. Recognizing that these two concepts may be enough to discourage some people from applying for SSD benefits altogether, a recent article attempted to inform readers about what can be done to help the process.

Getting answers for questions about SSD benefits -- Part 1

When our firm first makes contact with a potential client, there are some questions that everyone seems to have. That is completely understandable, because the process of applying for Social Security Disability can seem daunting at first.

Getting ready to apply for Social Security Disability benefits

Many people who are applying for Social Security Disability benefits will begin the process online. However, most people still fill out paper applications. As part of the process an in-person or telephone appointment with a representative from the Social Security Administration is usually a given. As our readers would likely expect, this meeting is a crucial stage in the process of applying for SSD benefits. As such, it is important to be organized and ready for the meeting.

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