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December 2011 Archives

California suit directs testing company to accommodate disabled

Earlier this year, a California court ruled that a testing company must allow people with disabilities the use of special software to take standardized tests. The lawsuit was one of several similar suits filed in the U.S. last year, foreshadowing what is sure to be a hotly contested debate between testing companies and disability advocates.

Brain injury may be linked to violent crime

According to a new long-term study, a traumatic brain injury often increases the likelihood that a victim of a head trauma will someday commit a violent crime. The study, which also examined the connection between epilepsy and violent crime, found that certain types of brain injuries made victims more likely to commit crimes.

Most developmentally disabled adults are sexually abused

A recent report stated the shocking fact that more than 90 percent of developmentally disabled citizen in the United States will experience sexual abuse at some point in their lifetime. However, most of these sexual assaults go unreported, and if the people with disabilities do make reports, it is likely that they will not be taken seriously.

Study: SSD applications increase when unemployment ends

When the recession began, the unemployment rate quickly began to skyrocket, and despite the many efforts of state and federal lawmakers, it has remained high in the years since the recession ended. Interestingly, at the same time that the unemployment rate began to rise, the number of Social Security Disability applications also increased, and economists began to suspect that the two were related.

U.S. lawmakers introduce ABLE Act for children with disabilities

As the members of Congress prepare to go on their holiday break, there is one piece of legislation that parents of children with disabilities are hoping the lawmakers will place at the top of their to-do list. Recently, a group of Senators and Representatives introduced the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act, which would help parents save money for their disabled children's long-term health care, housing and educational needs.

SSA judge investigated over SSD approval rate

Back in June, we wrote about a Social Security Administration judge who resigned from his position after the SSA launched an investigation into his high approval rate for Social Security Disability appeals. Now, the state's U.S. attorney has begun to investigate whether the administrative law judge received any improper payments in exchange for awarding SSD benefits to applicants who should not have qualified for them.

Governor questioned about son's disability benefits

Although this story comes from Arizona, we thought that our Los Angeles readers may be interested in the information about the ever-changing status of Social Security laws and regulations. The federal government recently conducted a year-long investigation into Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to determine whether her son improperly received Social Security Disability and other Social Security benefits. If so, the government believed that Gov. Brewer may have played a part in her son's unlawful receipt of benefits.

Residents of rural California counties more likely to receive SSD

We have repeatedly reported on the unprecedented increase in applications and approvals for Social Security Disability. In 2009, nearly 9.5 million Americans received Social Security Disability benefits, an increase of 3 million recipients in just under 10 years. And with no relief on the horizon for the job market and stagnant economy, that number will likely continue to grow.

Lawmakers seek improved security for SSD benefits

Recently, we wrote about the criminal allegations of kidnapping and disability fraud that had been filed against three people in Philadelphia after police found four disabled adults locked in a dirty basement in her home. The horrifying scene was believed to be part of a decades-long scheme to collect the victims' Social Security Disability benefit checks.

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