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January 2014 Archives

Info glitch triggers big headache for man on SSDI

The process for obtaining Social Security disability insurance benefits is not an easy one. We make that point regularly. That's one of the reasons why it is considered wise for anyone thinking of making an SSDI claim to work with an experienced attorney through the initial claim and any subsequent appeals.

Could lack of ACA clarity mean trouble for some on disability?

The federal Affordable Care Act is said to be nearly 11,000 pages long. For all that verbiage, covering so many issues, there is one particular section that advocates for individuals with developmental disabilities say is sadly lacking in detail. And their fear is that it could wind up hurting those they are dedicated to helping.

Study suggests new criteria may reduce future autism diagnoses

There are a lot of mental conditions doctors have to keep track of and treat when they surface in patients. Did you ever wonder how they manage to keep it all straight? It's called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, put out by the American Psychiatric Association.

Blood test aims to speed child intellectual disability diagnoses

The Social Security Administration has a lot of responsibilities to fulfill. One of them is to provide Supplemental Security Income for those who are eligible for it. Determining that eligibility is often a difficult hurdle to clear, and an experienced attorney's help is always recommended.

Angiosarcoma 1 of 25 new conditions for Compassionate Allowance

The Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income programs both offer benefits to individuals with disabilities that prevent them from working. The process for obtaining these benefits can be complicated and often takes a bit of time, which is why the Compassionate Allowance list exists.

Acute back pain? Some suggest learn to ignore it

It's not uncommon for a parent to tell a child to buck up and walk it off. The advice usually comes after a fall from a bike or some other sort of injury that's just the result of living. The older we get, though, the more likely it is that life and time will begin to get the better of us.

Probe yields SSDI fraud charges against ex-cops, firefighters

Recognition that mental conditions can be just as disabling as physical impairments is something that has been a matter of law for decades. Back in 1985, Congress passed the Mental Illness Bill of Rights Act, requiring states to provide protection and advocacy resources to those with mental illness or disability.

SSA New Year's resolution: Rein in SSDI benefits program

The Social Security Administration took a lot of heat in 2013. There were a lot of headlines about how the recent recession appears to have driven a big increase in the number of people seeking Social Security disability insurance benefits. The concern there is that the payouts will drain the trust fund reserves by 2016 and lead to benefits cuts for all beneficiaries.

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