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March 2015 Archives

An overview of muscular dystrophy

As the "Information Age" continues to impress us all with the ability for an individual to learn practically anything at the touch of a button, more and more Los Angeles readers are probably learning about medical conditions and genetic disorders. However, there are some medical conditions that many people still may not know much about. One in particular is probably muscular dystrophy.

Down syndrome and Supplemental Security Income

Most of our Los Angeles area readers have heard of Down syndrome before. But, like most people throughout the country, our readers may not know exactly what this disability entails, or how families caring for a family member who has Down syndrome could qualify for Supplemental Security Income.

Audit places Social Security Administration under scrutiny

Any of our Los Angeles readers who pay even a little attention to the daily news cycles know that government agencies are under constant scrutiny. After all, some recent polls have been showing that the public perception of the federal government has never been more negative. A sense of gridlock and inefficiency seems to be ruling the day.

The difference between SSD benefits and SSI benefits

The Social Security Administration oversees the qualification and distribution of benefits for millions of Americans. The largest part of this job is overseeing the retirement benefits aspect of Social Security. However, there are two other programs that many of our Los Angeles readers may be familiar with: Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income. But do most people know the difference between these two programs?

An overview of the most common disabilities for SSD recipients

People from all walks of life may find themselves in a position where they have to apply for Social Security Disability one day. The list of disabilities that could qualify a person to receive SSD benefits is long, but there are some conditions and diseases that are more common than others.

Kidney disease and SSD benefits

The thousands of employees at the Social Security Administration throughout the country do their best to inform Americans about how the various programs they oversee can help. In a recent report, one employee wrote about the ways that a person who is suffering from kidney disease could qualify for SSD benefits.

Blindness and Supplemental Security Income

Most people would probably consider blindness to be a disability. Obviously it would be quite difficult to do the vast majority of jobs if a person can't see. However, what many people don't know is that when someone is suffering from blindness they might actually qualify for Supplemental Security Income.

Depression among Americans

Most of our Los Angeles readers know that there are millions of Americans who receive Social Security Disability due to a wide variety of physical diseases, such as cancer, liver disease and heart disease. What many people do not know is that there are also thousands of people who suffer from mental disorders and receive SSD benefits as well. Depression, in particular, is a major concern for mental health professionals.

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