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March 2016 Archives

Pursuing Social Security Disability benefits for injury

Millions of Americans are, on a daily basis, dealing with the inability to work due to a disability. For many of these people, the disability is due to a severe illness, such as cancer or heart disease. The illness leaves them unable to work in the capacity they did all their lives, or in any other role. But, there are just as many other disabled Americans who arrived at their present physical limitations because they suffered an injury of some kind. For some, it was in fact a work-related injury, so not only will the person not be able to return to work, work was the cause of their physical condition.

The prevalence of mental impairments in America

Qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits for an illness can be difficult, as any of our readers who are familiar with previous posts here know. Applicants oftentimes need to put together all of the medical documentation they can muster, as well as meticulously describing how the illness limits their ability to work. This is no easy task, but it can be even more difficult when the illness is a mental impairment.

A small, but important, detail about SSD benefits

If there is one thing that our Los Angeles readers know about applying for Social Security Disability benefits, it is that the process seemingly includes endless details. The initial application for benefits needs to be incredibly detailed to have the best chance for being approved. The details need to include information about how the disability in question meets the standards for the Social Security Administration's medical requirements, as well as how the applicant satisfies the work requirements. But, there are other details, small though they may seem, that can lead to applicants in Los Angeles needing to take a few extra steps as their application is processed.

My claim for SSD benefits has been denied. Now what?

Many people have suffered severe injuries or illnesses that prevent them from being able to return to work for at least one year. These individuals have a very difficult time making ends meet, and often do not have the financial resources to be able to go a year without working.

Lack of judges still a problem for Social Security Administration

Any of our Los Angeles readers who are familiar with previous posts here know that there can be quite a few complications and challenges to overcome when applying for Social Security disability benefits. For starters, the application process can involve the need to provide voluminous amounts of information regarding the applicant's medical condition and work history. Beyond that, the Social Security Administration may even require more information than the applicant provides in the initial application, necessitating frequent back-and-forth between the applicant and the SSA. But, as a recent article noted, perhaps the biggest problem is the lack of staff to process applications at the Social Security Administration.

Can a traumatic event lead to a disabling mental impairment?

There are whole fields of medicine that focus on the study of how people develop mental impairments. There are so many different mental impairments that it can be hard to understand them all, but the medical community's knowledge of mental impairments is increasing all the time. One connection that has been made is the development of a mental impairment due to experiencing a traumatic event. Our Los Angeles readers may be wondering, can such a traumatic event spawn a mental impairment that is considered a disability for the purposes of qualify for Social Security disability benefits?

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