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A small, but important, detail about SSD benefits

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2016 | Social Security Disability Benefits

If there is one thing that our Los Angeles readers know about applying for Social Security Disability benefits, it is that the process seemingly includes endless details. The initial application for benefits needs to be incredibly detailed to have the best chance for being approved. The details need to include information about how the disability in question meets the standards for the Social Security Administration’s medical requirements, as well as how the applicant satisfies the work requirements. But, there are other details, small though they may seem, that can lead to applicants in Los Angeles needing to take a few extra steps as their application is processed.

For instance, many of our readers may not know that if they are in fact approved to receive SSD benefits, those benefits are required to be paid out electronically. This direct deposit requirement dates back to a law that went into effect on March 1 of 2013. Of course, the option to receive benefits payments by electronic direct deposit has been available for benefits recipients for quite some time, but some people may not know that for the last few years it has actually been required.

For a Los Angeles resident dealing with a disability, this direct deposit requirement may present them with the extra step of having to make a trip to a bank to set up an account. A small detail for many people, but for a person who is living with a disability this could mean arranging transportation to and from the bank, and dealing with a whole host of other concerns that can make this small detail just one more thing to check off the list when applying for SSD benefits.

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