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February 2016 Archives

Can fibromyalgia be a disability?

With the steady progress that is constantly being made in the field of medicine, many of our Los Angeles readers might think that there isn't much more that the medical community needs to find out about many health conditions. However, this isn't the case, as there are more than a few medical conditions that healthcare professionals don't know everything about. One such condition is fibromyalgia.

How long can you receive Social Security disability benefits?

Many people in Los Angeles suffer from disabilities that will never improve. They face a complete inability to work, and as a result they are left with no other option than to apply for Social Security disability benefits as a source of financial assistance. But, there are others who may have a significant disability, but one that may have a chance of improving over time, perhaps with more advanced medical treatment or months and years of physical rehabilitation. What happens when these individuals begin to realize that their disability isn't holding them back like it used to? Do they continue to receive SSD benefits forever?

Three things you need to know about Social Security Disability benefits

Individuals who are disabled severely enough to be unable to work may be able to receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits that they may use to meet their basic expenses. The process of obtaining these benefits can be extremely detailed and complicated, and many people often do not know what to expect as things move forward. This posting provides some practical advice regarding SSD benefits.

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