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Can fibromyalgia be a disability?

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2016 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Illness

With the steady progress that is constantly being made in the field of medicine, many of our Los Angeles readers might think that there isn’t much more that the medical community needs to find out about many health conditions. However, this isn’t the case, as there are more than a few medical conditions that healthcare professionals don’t know everything about. One such condition is fibromyalgia.

The biggest mystery when it comes to fibromyalgia is how it develops in a person. According to medical experts, there doesn’t appear to be one determinable cause for this condition, which can leave Los Angeles residents feeling pain throughout their bodies, as well as facing issues related to fatigue, memory and their moods. However, there have been observations of people who develop fibromyalgia after suffering through traumatic events, either physical or psychological.

Can fibromyalgia be considered a disability? That is also a tricky question to answer. In some cases, a person who suffers from fibromyalgia alone may be able to continue on with a somewhat normal life, managing the condition through medication and exercise. However, when fibromyalgia is combined with other physical or mental conditions, the overall effect can be debilitating.

A Los Angeles resident who is suffering from fibromyalgia may be inclined to file for Social Security Disability benefits for the illness. However, the claim may be denied if the person’s application does not clearly delineate exactly how the condition qualifies as a disability. Suffering from fibromyalgia can be life-changing, but it must be shown that the condition will keep the applicant from being able to participate in the workforce.

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