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February 2017 Archives

Are Social Security Disability benefits taxable?

Believe it or not, it is getting close to tax season yet again. For most people, getting their taxes filled out and filed might come with a big tax refund. For others, the news might not be as good. The one thing we all have in common in America is that we all, for the most part, have to go through this annual routine. However, those who receive Social Security Disability benefits may be thinking, are SSD benefits taxable?

Severe arthritis could be a disability

There are many people who probably believe that suffering from arthritis is just a part of getting older. Arthritis is, after all, a fairly common ailment. However, what some people may not realize is that arthritis can actually become a quite serious health issue. And, if it is bad enough, arthritis could even become a disability.

Know what medical evidence you will need for SSD benefits

Many people will, at some point in life, find themselves disabled and facing a complete inability to work. These people will be searching for answers, chief among which might be "How will I support myself and my family financially"? If you are unable to work and earn an income, the answer to this question might not be all that easy. That is where Social Security Disability comes in.

Important facts for those who suffer from silicosis

If you work in certain industries, there are risks that are taken in the materials you work with. As an employee, you have the right to expect your employer to be aware of these and meet the regulations set by the government. Silicosis is a disease that is commonly seen in workers in certain industries, including sand blasting, ceramics work, stone cutting, quarrying, glass manufacturing, mining, construction and tunnel work.

Social Security Administration facing hiring freeze

When Los Angeles residents are approved to receive Social Security Disability benefits upon their initial application, they probably consider themselves lucky. Lucky in the sense that many people know that the majority of initial applications are rejected: somewhere in the 60 percent range. And, lucky that they don't then have to go through the process of appealing the initial rejection - especially since the appeals process is bogging down throughout the country.

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