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April 2012 Archives

Social Security's insolvency risk threatens SSD beneficiaries

The federal government recently issued a warning about the fiscal challenges on the horizon for the Social Security Administration. The Social Security trust fund is now projected to run out of funds in 2033, three years earlier than previously projected. This is most likely because the contributions to the fund have been drastically reduced as a result of the difficult economic climate which has diminished payroll taxes.

Couple considers divorce to maintain livable SSI benefits

A man who became disabled in 2000 after he broke his back in three places recently learned that his Supplemental Security Income benefits will be cut by $700 a month because his wife was finally able to find employment. Though he is more than willing to work, he is considered fully disabled from work, considering his condition and with his medications.

Social Security Administration makes another mistake

Unfortunately, mistakes by the Social Security Administration are all too common. The mistakes vary from situation to situation, but many can have very serious consequences for the recipients who receive Social Security benefits.

Unemployment rises among the disabled

According to recent research, the unemployment rate for disabled Americans in the first quarter of 2012 currently sits at 14.6 percent. This is significantly higher than the 8.4 percent unemployment rate for those individuals who do not suffer from a disability.

Social Security Disability benefits lost

Many people who are entitled to Social Security Disability (SSD) rely on those benefits in order to survive. This can mean that any errors will have serious consequences in their lives, such as the inability to meet monthly mortgage, car and food expenses.

Diabetes may qualify for Social Security Disability

When President Obama appointed Sonia Sotomayer as a new U.S. Supreme Court justice, the White House was quick to point out that she was the first disabled justice. Sonia Sotomayer suffers from diabetes.

Families with autistic children may require Social Security Disability

Families of children with autism may be entitled to financial assistance in the form of Social Security Disability benefits. This will come as welcome relief to the many families who have had to put their children's special needs first, sometimes to the detriment of their career and their income.

Social Security Administration suspends annual statement summary

Every year, the Social Security Administration (SSA) mails all recipients in California and around the country their statement explaining how much money they will be entitled to collect.

Mentally ill man caught in disability-unemployment snafu

Fraternal male-female twins both suffer from schizophrenia. The difference for them is that the sister was diagnosed at age 12 and has never been able to work. The brother, unwilling to submit to that fate, did all he could to work and maintain an independent lifestyle. This included holding down continuous employment at fast food restaurants, cleaning services and retail stores, such as Wal-Mart. While this happened outside California, it could have happened anywhere.

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