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Social Security Administration makes another mistake

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2012 | Social Security Administration News

Unfortunately, mistakes by the Social Security Administration are all too common. The mistakes vary from situation to situation, but many can have very serious consequences for the recipients who receive Social Security benefits.

For example, a woman’s personal information ended up in the hands of a 62-year-old man who was unbeknownst to her. The man had recently applied for Social Security coverage. When he received his paper work he realized there was an attachment that included the woman’s private information, including her Social Security number, her address and her mother’s and father’s names.

Thankfully, this man was a good, honest person who alerted the woman about the problem, and that he had received her information by mistake.

Obviously, the situation could have been a lot worse if, say, her private information wound up in the wrong hands. In such a case, this might have been a major mistake that could have cost her a lot of anguish, along with time and stress to have the mistake corrected.

Of course the woman was shocked and upset about this mistake made by the Social Security Administration (SSA). It certainly raises the concern for the rest of us that perhaps our information is not being properly protected by the SSA. It also raises the question as to how many other people have had similar problems.

California residents should be on alert to protect their private information from those who would like to use it for their own personal benefit. Obviously, a mistake by the SSA is something beyond one’s control. If you have been the subject of a mistake by the SSA, then you may need help in order to correct those mistakes and ensure that your rights are being protected.

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