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August 2014 Archives

Now that you receive SSD benefits, what are your obligations?

Not everyone who applies for Social Security Disability benefits will be approved. In fact, some reports have noted that about 60 percent of applicants are denied Social Security benefits. But, for those who make it through the process and are finally approved, there is most likely a sense of a great deal of relief knowing that those SSD benefits will be there to help meet financial obligations.

Taking a look at the Social Security Administration website

Everyone knows that the Internet is the source of more information than a single person could ever hope to assimilate. But, for our Los Angeles readers who are interested in learning more about Social Security Disability, the Social Security Administration's website is probably one of the best sources of information. A recent article noted the usefulness of this website and attempted to inform readers about how best to go about using the site in a way that will result in the best and most useful information.

Social Security Administration highlights SSI benefits

All forms of Social Security benefits are there to help Americans with their financial obligations. In the case of retirement benefits, people work their entire lives and look forward to the day when they can retire and enjoy the fruits of their labor. But, other forms of Social Security benefits exist to help those who haven't been fortunate enough to work and lead a "normal" life. With Childhood Cancer Awareness Month coming up in September, the Social Security Administration is attempting to highlight how Supplemental Security Income can help thousands of American families.

The public needs to know more about Social Security Disability

There are a lot of stereotypes associated with Americans who receive Social Security benefits. For instance, most people think that retirees who receive Social Security benefits are "old," even though the early retirement age is 62 and those same people would probably agree that if someone stays active they can delay the effects of aging. When it comes to Social Security Disability, some people have the unfortunate perception that anyone receiving SSD benefits is either lazy or faking. But, as a recent article pointed out, perhaps a little more information would change that perception.

How can you protect yourself from an unsafe work environment?

Of the millions of Americans who receive Social Security Disability benefits, many developed their disability from an injury or illness that occurred while working. A work-related injury or illness can be completely life-altering, leaving a once productive employee unable to work. No one wants to find themselves in this type of situation, so is there anything that Los Angeles residents can do to protect themselves while they are on the job?

Some basics about applying for SSI benefits

Most people know about the retirement benefits that Social Security provides. Many people also know about Social Security Disability benefits. However, there are probably quite a few Los Angeles residents who don't know about Supplemental Security Income.

What is the future of SSD benefits?

Our Los Angeles readers probably know that Social Security Disability is just one part of a large web of social safety nets that have become part of America society within the last century. Millions of Americans depend on Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security benefits. Of course, with that being said, no one is saying that these important programs couldn't be improved.

Social Security Administration launches education initiative

Misinformation and the lack of information are still problems for many Los Angeles residents, even in this "Age of Information" that has dawned with the rise of the Internet. Despite the fact that a wealth of information is now literally at our fingertips, many people don't have the necessary information they need to make informed decisions.

Three questions in the quest for SSD benefits

In almost every claim for Social Security Disability benefits, there are three questions involved. The Social Security Administration asks the first two, namely: 1) Does the applicant have a qualifying disability?, and 2) Has the applicant participated in the Social Security program for the requisite amount of time? The applicant asks the third question: 3) How much will my monthly SSD benefits check be?

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