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June 2014 Archives

Social Security Administration offers Ticket to Work program

Some people who receive Social Security Disability benefits have accepted the fact that their physical or mental condition will never allow them to return to the American workforce. This is a big hurdle to overcome, but for many people the reality is that their disability is so severe that there are few, if any, jobs that they could fill.

SSD benefits helping more people than ever before

When a Los Angeles resident suffers an injury in a work accident, the subsequent inability to work can be the most frustrating part of the recovery process. For many people, this type of constraint has a severe impact on their family's financial situation, especially if the person who was injured was the sole income earner for the household. Fortunately, however, Social Security Disability can provide a much needed source of financial stability.

Traveling to a hearing after being denied Social Security

Our Los Angeles readers may have noticed that Social Security Disability has garnered quite a bit of national news coverage in recent days. But, as always, most news coverage is focused on the negatives, leaving some people who are either receiving SSD benefits or who are in the middle of the application process to wonder when their issues will be addressed.

Current discussion in Congress focused on Social Security judges

When the Social Security Administration makes headline-grabbing news, that usually isn't a good thing these days. This is because, like with many topics, no one makes the nightly news for the good deeds they have done, but instead for alleged mistakes that have been made.

Los Angeles residents could benefit from more SSD information

When one of our Los Angeles readers is looking into getting more SSD information that is pertinent to their situation, it is usually because they have a keen interest in getting some financial help. There is no doubt that many of the millions of Americans who receive Social Security Disability benefits arrive in their financial situation through necessity - unable to work through no fault of their own. When it comes to financial assistance, however, people with disabilities may be able to get more help than just SSD benefits.

SSD benefits are a hot topic as election season heats up

As the clock ticks down to Election Day in 2014 our Los Angeles readers may be hearing more about Social Security as a campaign issue. Social Security Disability, in particular, can be a hot-button issue as those who are suffering from a physical injury or mental disability begin to consider whether or not to apply for SSD benefits.

Are benefits recipients always hampered by an inability to work?

The inability to work and earn an income is usually the primary motivation for anyone who is applying for Social Security Disability benefits. For people who badly want to work but just can't seem to overcome the limitations of their disability, the final step of applying for SSD benefits can come with a frustrating sense of giving up.

SSD information isn't always front and center

In today's political climate, the current discussion about Social Security - or the eternal discussion, as some people may say - is usually focused on the retirement benefits aspect of this important financial safety net. Social Security Disability seemingly never gets its far-share of debate, unless it is from a negative viewpoint. But, as a recent article indicated, while the retirement benefits aspect of Social Security usually garners the most attention, the more SSD information people have the more they may appreciate how this aspect of Social Security can benefit millions of Americans.

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