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SSD benefits helping more people than ever before

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2014 | Social Security Disability Benefits

When a Los Angeles resident suffers an injury in a work accident, the subsequent inability to work can be the most frustrating part of the recovery process. For many people, this type of constraint has a severe impact on their family’s financial situation, especially if the person who was injured was the sole income earner for the household. Fortunately, however, Social Security Disability can provide a much needed source of financial stability.

In this respect, it is noteworthy that according to a recent report, more people than ever are benefiting from this program. The report indicated that as of May of this year, an estimated 11 million people are receiving SSD benefits in America. This is a record high number of recipients, up about 18 percent from January of 2009.

While it is good news that these individuals who are receiving SSD benefits have a source of income that may help them during a rough patch in life when they are unable to work, some people have begun to question why there are so many people receiving SSD benefits. Some have suggested that the increase is because of a not-too-distant easing in the federal regulations that determine whether or not someone can qualify for SSD benefits.

However, for those individuals who have been denied social security and are going through the appeals process, meeting the requirements to get disability benefits is never easy matter. Even if regulations have relaxed and even though there are more people benefitting from Social Security Disability than ever before, it can be crucial to know what to expect from the application process and what it takes to meet the medical requirements for eligibility.

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