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May 2016 Archives

Taking your claim for SSD benefits through the appeals process

A previous post here discussed some important changes that are being made to the appeals process for Social Security Disability claims. As many of our Los Angeles readers know, the majority of claims for SSD benefits are denied at the initial application stage. However, even when a Social Security claim is denied, an applicant doesn’t have to give up hope of eventually being approved. It just might take a bit longer.

Backlogs for SSD appeals cases causing worry

A number of Americans are waiting more than 500 days for a decision regarding their unresolved claims from the Social Security Administration. As a result, the administration is making changes behind closed doors as a means of reducing this backlog and the handling of future claims. The appeals process is no exception.

Changes in appeals process may impact Los Angeles residents

If there are two things that are consistent in the debate about Social Security in this country they are that one group believes that Social Security should be changed, while the other believes it should stay the same. But what about incremental changes? Will they help or hurt Los Angeles residents who have submitted an application to receive Social Security Disability benefits?

How are disability benefits different from SSI benefits?

Many of our Los Angeles readers have probably seen previous posts here that describe how a person who suffers from a disability may be eligible for Social Security Disability insurance benefits, but may also be eligible for Supplemental Security Income. The two programs sound similar, but are actually quite different. The reason they are oftentimes confused for one another is that both programs are administered by the Social Security Administration.

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