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Can I get SSDI for cancer?

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2024 | Blog, Social Security Disability

If you have cancer, you may be wondering if it qualifies you for Social Security Disability benefits. The answer depends on several factors, as having cancer is not an immediate qualification.

You must go through as assessment of your health situation, along with ensuring you meet the other SSDI qualification requirements.


To qualify for SSDI, your health situation must meet the Social Security Administration’s definition of a disability in that it is either fatal or will impair you for at least 12 months. To determine if your medical condition meets this requirement, the SSA will consider the location, type and extent of the cancer. It also looks at the treatments you have received and their side effects. You may have to submit specific medical documentation, such as records of operations and pathology reports.

Some aggressive cancers may automatically qualify. The SSA has a compassionate allowance program for certain types of cancer, which allows for faster approval of benefits. Situations that may fall under this umbrella include when cancer is inoperable or has spread to other tissues or organs.

Other qualifications

To qualify for benefits, you must meet all the requirements set by the SSA, which includes your ability to undertake substantial gainful activity. SGA is significant work for which you can earn money.

In addition, you must meet the work credit requirement, which varies by age at time of disability. You earn work credits by making a certain amount of money through employment. As of 2024, you earn one work credit for every $1,730 in income. You can earn up to four credits per year.

To apply for SSDI, you need to provide medical records and other documentation that support your claim and show you meet all requirements. It is important to be thorough and detailed in your application to increase your chances of approval.

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