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July 2012 Archives

NFL player brain damage and disability benefits

Personal injury lawsuits are shedding light on the permanent injury and disability caused by compounded brain injury over the course of an NFL player's professional career. Are players eligible for disability benefits? How does a brain injury victim document injury to the Social Security Administration?

Disability and federal student loan forgiveness

The Education Department has proposed new rules to overhaul its program for forgiving student loans for borrowers who become disabled. Under federal law, borrowers who suffer in an accident or become disabled because of a disease are entitled to have their loans forgiven. If you are disabled in California, you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits and loan forgiveness.

Mood disorders and disability

If you or someone you love suffers from a mood disorder or mental illness, you probably have faced challenges in diagnosis and treatment. Whether filing a claim for Social Security disability benefits or trying to explain symptoms to a friend or loved one, mental conditions are often perceived with skepticism. Despite the difficulty in identifying and treating mood conditions, there is no denying that a mental illness can impact the ability to work or function in the day-to-day.

1 in 8 with fibromyalgia use cannabis

According to a new Canadian study, one in eight people who suffer from fibromyalgia self-medicate with pot and other cannabis products. Some doctors believe that the findings are not unusual: it is not uncommon for patients who suffer from chronic illness for which there is not treatment to seek out self-medication options. In Los Angeles and throughout California, using pot to treat symptoms is becoming more popular.

Mentally ill will benefit from health care reform

Medical and healthcare professionals agree that the healthcare reform under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is beneficial to those who are mentally ill. Under the new law, millions of people without coverage or inadequate coverage, including those with mental illness will now have access to the health and mental care coverage they need. Here are six ways that the ACA benefits those with mental illness in California and nationwide:

Public pool chair lift requirement delayed

A federal order requiring that public pools have chair lifts installed for people with disabilities was delayed after a wave of protests. There are 300,000 pool owners at hotels, parks and gyms in California and nationwide that continue to fight the requirement under a new provision of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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