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September 2019 Archives

How to deal with stress and anxiety at work

Stress and anxiety can be a direct result of issues you are dealing with at home or they can be attributed to a chaotic work environment. At times, it is hard to put our outside lives aside and not let them affect our ability to work. On the other hand, it is also difficult to leave stressful situations that arise in the workplace at work, and not bring them home to also affect families and our daily lives. What are some things you can do to minimize these feelings and maximize your effectiveness at work?

What are 3 ways you can lose Social Security disability benefits?

Many disabled residents of California are under the impression that, once the U.S. Social Security Administration approves them for Social Security Disability Insurance, they will receive these benefits for the remainder of their lives. This is not, however, always accurate, and there are several different circumstances that can cause you to become ineligible for this type of assistance.

What are Quick Disability Determinations, and can you get one?

Individuals who get hurt or who develop a severe medical condition such as terminal cancer may find that they need Social Security Disability benefits because they can no longer work. Unfortunately, the program is plagued with red tape and notoriously long wait times for the people who need its benefits.

Some back pain is work related

Back pain is a common complaint for adults, but there are times when it can signal that something is seriously amiss. It is imperative that anyone who is experiencing this issue takes the initiative to find out what is going on so they can attempt to correct the issue before it gets to be too severe.

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