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Some back pain is work related

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Back pain is a common complaint for adults, but there are times when it can signal that something is seriously amiss. It is imperative that anyone who is experiencing this issue takes the initiative to find out what is going on so they can attempt to correct the issue before it gets to be too severe.

Some back pain is caused by work-related injuries or factors. When this happens, a worker may require medical care to address the problem. This can trigger the need for workers’ compensation. While it is up to the employers to provide a safe workplace for employees, the workers can also take steps to protect themselves.

Causes of back pain at work

There are many things that can lead to back pain at work including accidents, slips and falling objects. Employers can take steps like keeping floors clean and ensuring that anything on shelves is secure.

Another cause is repetitive stress. Employers sometimes have employees doing the same movements multiple times. This can lead to injuries in the areas of the body employed. Beauticians, for example, have to bend over clients on a regular basis. This stretches the back muscles and can lead to misalignments in the spine.

Addressing the hazards

The risks that come with some jobs must be minimized as much as possible. Employers should have clear instructions to help prevent injuries. They should also provide the equipment necessary to do this. It isn’t enough to just provide the protocol. The employer must also require that they be followed.

The points to address in these safety plans include anything that is a hazard for the specific job or workplace. Most employers should cover lifting technique and guidelines such a using the knees to lift and having a helper or an assistive device to lift heavy or bulky objects. Employees should also be instructed on how to use the equipment that is provided.

Employees can also take steps to protect the back. They can get fit since this will strengthen and condition the muscles. Using proper posture, taking regular breaks and living a healthy lifestyle can also help since these keep the back in good shape.

When an employee has back pain, they must ensure they receive medical care. Some injuries might seem bothersome but not painful at first. As time goes on, they can become much more painful and the underlying condition may worsen. Workers’ compensation can help these workers to afford the medical care and treatments to address work-related back injuries.

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