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August 2012 Archives

New bill changes mental disability language

Supporters of a new California bill believe that changes are critical, changing the words "mental retardation" and "mentally retarded" to "intellectual disability. Though the bill doesn't make any material changes to disability services, rights or responsibilities, it does change outdated and offensive language to respectfully meet the needs of those with mental disabilities.

Private organization raises money for vet centers

Veterans returning home from war can struggle to find appropriate treatment and to make ends meet. Adjusting to life after war can be even more complicated when suffering from a serious illness or permanent injury. A private foundation is building additional medical centers that specialize in treating the signature diseases of Iraq and Afghanistan, namely PTSD and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Special education services a challenge after high school

For parents of special needs children, finding suitable educational programs through preschool, elementary and high school can be a challenge. According to a recent report, making the transition from high school into college or vocational training can be even more difficult.

Benefits more accessible for veterans with lung disease

For those who suffer debilitating injury or illness, documenting and obtaining Social Security disability benefits can often be a challenge. In a move by the Social Security Administration, many veterans will find it easier to collect benefits for a certain lung disease that has been affecting hundreds of combat soldiers. The agency has added to its "compassionate allowances list" the rare lung disease that has been contracted by veteran's exposed to burn pits and fires in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tremors, Parkinson's disease and disability

Tremors can have a number of causes: cold or flu, low blood sugar, fever or drinking too much caffeine. Even a slight case of nervousness could lead to tremors. But, is there ever a reason to be concerned? Can tremors be an early sign of Parkinson's?

Planning for a special needs child turning 18

When you have a special needs child, you have to make important planning decisions. From financial security to healthcare and personal well-being, you must be involved at every stage to ensure the welfare of your child. At the age of 18, your child is legally independent and you may face different challenges. Planning ahead and knowing your rights can ensure that your family is secure through this transition.

Combat veterans hope to recover $20 million in lost benefits

Due to an improper classification on paper, combat veterans may have lost millions in veterans' disability payments. Advocates for the veterans have filed a class action lawsuit against the military to help the sailors and Marines recover the benefits they are owed. The disability benefits should have helped those  veterans who were unable to work because of combat injures.

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