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February 2015 Archives

Can your child get SSI benefits due to cerebral palsy?

Los Angeles residents who are raising children know what a unique joy - and challenge - the job of being a parent can be every day. Sometimes there is simply no way to predict how your day will go when you are dealing with children. However, for as much joy as some families take out of being around their children and going about the typical daily events, there are other families who face what can seem like a much bigger challenge: raising disabled children, particular a child with cerebral palsy.

Can an occupational disease lead you to apply for SSD benefits?

Many of our Los Angeles readers have probably seen previous posts here discussing serious diseases that millions of Americans deal with every day, such as liver disease, heart disease and cancer. For many of these people, there is nothing they could have done to prevent the disease. There are many other cases, however, in which a person is suffering from an almost completely preventable disease - they have what is known as an "occupational disease."

What is the best approach to rehabilitation after a spine injury?

Most of our Los Angeles readers have probably suffered an injury at some point in life. Perhaps they broke a bone as a child, or maybe they were injured in a car accident. The good news is that the human body is resilient, and in most cases a person who suffers an injury will heal with time. However, one injury that can completely upend a person's life is a spine injury.

Back pain is a problem, and you could qualify for SSD benefits

There are millions of Americans who suffer from back pain. For many, back pain is just part of getting older. However, for some people back and joint impairments can be debilitating disabilities - leaving them unable to work.

Current discussion on SSD benefits focuses on transfer of funds

Many of our Los Angeles readers have probably seen the news by now about the coming debate over how to rectify the financial issues facing the Social Security Disability fund. For those who don't know, there have been reports that this fund could facing significant financial challenges beginning as early as next year - challenges that reportedly could lead to a cut in the amount of monthly benefits that are provided to millions of Americans.

Can California residents with arthritis qualify for SSD benefits?

Millions of Americans suffer from arthritis. The condition is worse for some than it is for others. But for everyone who suffers from this condition the pain can make it difficult to complete even the most simple of tasks. In the worst of cases, arthritis can leave a California resident completely unable to work.

What do you need to know about liver disease?

Many types of illnesses and diseases affect people pretty much the same across the board. A temporary illness, like the flu, usually makes a person nauseous, weak and generally unable to do much of anything for a few days. A chronic disease, like cancer, can make a person's body seem to waste away as they fight the disease and go through seemingly unending treatments. Liver disease, however, affects people in many different ways and isn't always the easiest of diseases to diagnose.

The debate over reforming SSD benefits begins

The newly-elected members of the U.S. Congress have no doubt settled in a bit by now, and the members who were re-elected and have claimed their leadership posts are beginning to roll out ideas on many of the issues facing America. One of the most important issues for many of our Los Angeles readers is probably the debate over what to do about the Social Security Disability fund.

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