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Can California residents with arthritis qualify for SSD benefits?

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2015 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Injuries

Millions of Americans suffer from arthritis. The condition is worse for some than it is for others. But for everyone who suffers from this condition the pain can make it difficult to complete even the most simple of tasks. In the worst of cases, arthritis can leave a California resident completely unable to work.

But can a California resident qualify for Social Security Disability benefits because of arthritis? The answer is yes – but all of the medical requirements must be met, and the right documentation must be provided to the Social Security Administration in the application for benefits.

Just like most other applications for SSD benefits, an application based on a person suffering from arthritis must document how the condition leaves that person unable to work. Not only must the application demonstrate how the person is no longer able to do the job they have been doing, but it must also show why the applicant can’t perform any other type of work. As our readers probably know, there are millions of people who hold down jobs despite their disabilities – many of them being people who are severely disabled, but who find a way to get a job that can accommodate their limitations.

The inability to work due to arthritis can leave a Los Angeles resident searching for options on how to solve their financial problems. Being approved for Social Security Disability benefits may not be the whole solution, but it can be part of the right approach if the application for benefits is strong enough to be approved.

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