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April 2016 Archives

PTSD is a mental impairment that could lead to SSD benefits

When many people think of Social Security Disability benefits for illnesses, they probably think of the people who are terminally ill and therefore cannot return to work. However, qualifying for SSD benefits for illness can be accomplished by other people besides those who are dealing with terminal or severe cases of heart disease or cancer - it can be done by those who suffer from mental impairments as well.

Study indicates more people may need SSD benefits in the future

It probably goes without saying that it is a good thing that the life spans of Americans are increasing. While we all might be able to look forward to longer lives than the generations before us experienced, a recent report indicated that longer lives may also come with more people living with disabilities.

What you need to know about applying for disability benefits

For people who are out of work due to a serious injury or illness, the promise of receiving Social Security Disability benefits can seem like a lifesaver. These payments provide crucial support at a time when it is needed most.

Overview of federal regulation that defines "disability"

Many of our Los Angeles readers are aware of the fact that the term "disability" has a specific definition when it comes to Social Security disability benefits. But, how many of our readers know that there are actual federal regulations that provide an in-depth definition of this term and the requirements that need to be met in order to satisfy this definition? For Los Angeles residents who may be thinking about applying for SSD benefits, it is important to take note of the details of the definition of the term "disability," as it may make a difference in the success or failure of an application for benefits.

Three common myths about Social Security Disability Income (SSDI)

Although you may have heard from well-intentioned friends or acquaintances that SSDI is always denied, your benefits will equal your income, or a host of other things, the truth is more complicated. You should consult an attorney who has experience with SSDI claims for all the facts, but below are three of the most common myths about SSDI.

Medical expenses can add up as you document your disability

Under the Affordable Care Act almost every American is required to have health insurance, or else face a tax penalty. Of course, there is a big difference between having health insurance and receiving healthcare - although you may not realize that by listening to some politicians, who seem to equate them as one and the same.

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