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SSD benefits are a hot topic as election season heats up

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2014 | Social Security Disability Benefits

As the clock ticks down to Election Day in 2014 our Los Angeles readers may be hearing more about Social Security as a campaign issue. Social Security Disability, in particular, can be a hot-button issue as those who are suffering from a physical injury or mental disability begin to consider whether or not to apply for SSD benefits.

In a recent article, one person who is plugged in with the political crowd suggested that candidates who talk more about SSD benefits, not less, could be in a position to get more votes from older Americans. Our readers probably know that older Americans are more apt to vote in local and national elections, especially when topics concerning their personal welfare are up for debate.

One topic concerning SSD benefits that is garnering some attention is the fact that the number of SSD beneficiaries is rising in America. But, at the same time, the requirements to qualify have actually changed very little. Anyone who has applied for SSD benefits knows that the process can be quite complex, and there are many applicants who are denied.

But concerns about the SSD process, however daunting they may seem, should not be a reason to dissuade a potentially eligible applicant from going through the necessary procedures. No matter what light politicians try to shine on SSD benefits, coming from both good and bad angles, many people know how important this financial resource is for millions of Americans, including thousands of people in Los Angeles. The inability to work can be a frightening prospect for someone who has always paid their own way, but the good news is that Social Security Disability can be a helping hand when it is needed the most.

Source: The Buffalo News, Jeffrey Freedman, June 4, 2014

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