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Kidney disease and SSD benefits

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2015 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Illness

The thousands of employees at the Social Security Administration throughout the country do their best to inform Americans about how the various programs they oversee can help. In a recent report, one employee wrote about the ways that a person who is suffering from kidney disease could qualify for SSD benefits.

Kidney disease can affect people in different ways, but the main issue with this type of disease is how it usually prevents the kidney from cleaning a person’s blood effectively. This can obviously lead to other health complications, although there are certain medical procedures and prescription medications that could be used to treat this disease.

The recent report noted that an estimated one in three Americans is currently at risk of developing kidney disease. In fact, it was also pointed out that many people who are suffering from kidney disease may not even know it. Sometimes a person may only find out that they have kidney disease because of the sudden onset of illness, or some other indicator pops up in life. But, when kidney disease becomes seriously debilitating, a person may need to apply for SSD benefits if that person is unable to continue to work.

In its most serious form kidney disease might require a Los Angeles resident to have daily treatment through dialysis. The medical costs associated with this disease, along with not being able to work, could lead to significant financial challenges. Applying for SSD benefits could be the first step to rectifying some financial woes.

Source: Public Opinion, “Social Security helps people with kidney disease,” Oscar Torres-Torres, March 2, 2015

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