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Is your child eligible for SSI or SSD?

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2013 | Social Security Disability Benefits

As an adult, the loss of ability to hold a job that provides substantial work and income can be a devastating experience. For many it takes from them a source of joy and fulfillment and fills that void with trials and tribulations. Those members of society have been paying Social Security in order to receive benefits in case such an event occurred during their lifetime.

When a child experiences a disability however, we may wonder what resources are available to them in order to alleviate the financial burden placed upon them and their families. The answer is that it depends. It depends on whether the child is under the age of 18 or an adult child who is 18 or older. Each determines what kinds of federal disability benefits are available.

For those under the age of 18, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) provides monthly funding for those with disability or blindness. This is determined based off of a set limit for the family’s income, whether or not the condition(s) severely limit the child’s activities, and the condition(s) will be present for one year or more.

For adult children, many of the same standards apply in order to receive their funds under Social Security. However, in addition to above, they must also have had the disability prior to turning the age of 22 in order to be eligible and have at least one parent who worked long enough to be insured under Social Security and is receiving their own retirement or disability benefits, or is currently deceased yet having met that criteria.

If you have questions about your child’s eligibility for disability benefits or you are struggling with the application and collection process, please consult an attorney practiced in Social Security Disability law. They can further assist in guiding you through those processes and assessing your legal options.

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