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Getting answers to your questions about SSD benefits

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2016 | Social Security Disability Benefits

Los Angeles residents who suddenly find themselves dealing with a disability usually face quite a bit of uncertainty. For some, they were injured in a work accident, and the injury is so severe that their disability will keep them from returning to the workforce for an extended period of time — or maybe for the rest of their lives. For others, they have been diagnosed with a debilitating disease, and they are now facing a complete inability to work whatsoever. Regardless of the reason for the sudden disability, uncertainty is a common theme for Los Angeles residents in this precarious position.

As a result, most people in this position will start to look for answers to some of the most common questions that pop up in this situation. Questions like, “How will I pay my bills?” and “Is there anything that can help me deal financially with this disability?”

Fortunately, at our law firm we are familiar with some of the questions that usually pop up in the initial stages of a person’s fight with disability. As our clients learn more about the Social Security Disability program, they may come to find out that they are eligible to seek benefits.

At our law firm, we work with our clients to help them put together a strong application for SSD benefits, making sure that they meet the medical requirements and work history requirements. There are quite a few federal regulations that must be met in order to qualify for SSD benefits, and we do our best to ensure that our clients have all of the information they need. For more information about common questions regarding SSD benefits, please visit the “What You Need To Know” section of our website.

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