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What are the potential effects of a spinal cord injury?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2015 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Injuries

Many of our Los Angeles readers probably suffer from back pain to some extent. For some, it is just a lack of exercise and poor posture. For others, a back injury of some type may be the culprit. But what happens when a back injury is more severe? What happens if a Los Angeles resident suffers from a spine injury?

An injury to the spine or spinal cord could have potentially devastating effects on an individual’s life. In the worst-case scenario the person could be left paralyzed in parts of their body, if the injury is severe enough. For millions of other people, however, the injuries are, fortunately, less severe, but still come with the potential for a wide variety of problems.

For instance, some people who have suffered a spinal cord injury later experience problems controlling their bowels or their bladder. This could be due to significant nerve damage that affects the brain’s ability to communicate with certain parts of the body. Or, other people will suffer from pain in various parts of their body in addition to their back where the injury occurred.

Whatever the cause, a spine injury or spinal cord injury can leave a Los Angeles resident completely unable to work. And, besides the medical expenses in the immediate aftermath of the injury, the injured party could be facing long-term care costs for the rest of their life as well. In many cases of this nature, the injured person could qualify for Social Security Disability benefits for the injury.

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