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Social Security Disability Insurance and the “fiscal cliff”

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2012 | Social Security Administration News

Without a doubt, lots of Los Angeles readers have been paying attention to the “fiscal cliff” crisis in Washington, D.C. Broadly speaking, that term refers to serious economic choices facing our government that must be made soon because certain tax credits are due to expire, a national budget must be agreed to and plans to raise revenue must be agreed upon.

For several weeks now, politicians have been debating how to cut spending and grow revenue. Thus far, the Republicans and Democrats have not been able to reconcile their respective plans and many financial experts fear if a detente is not reached, an economic recession might follow.

We’re talking about this issue ion a Social Security Disability Insurance blog because some politicians believe that changes or cuts to entitlement programs (like SSDI) must be made.

In short, this is an attitude that causes us some concern.

We understand the need to spend responsibly and to balance the books, so to speak. But in our line of work, we come across many clients who depend on SSDI. It’s very hard to generalize about a class as wide as those receiving SSDI benefits, but we think it is safe to say that this is a very important program and is a vital part of our societal safety net.

In the event that you have strong personal feelings regarding the fate of the SSDI program or other “fiscal cliff”-related matters, you might consider reaching out to your elected representatives and expressing how you feel. Our political process works best when people are participatory and engaged.

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