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Can SSD benefits help Los Angeles residents who have cancer?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2014 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Illness

When a person suffers some type of injury, even if it is serious, there is a chance that a full recovery can be made. For people suffering from an illness, however, especially a serious type of illness like cancer, living with the disease – or its aftereffects, doesn’t seem anything like recovery.

Fortunately, for a Los Angeles resident living with a serious illness, Social Security Disability benefits have been shown to be of great help. According to a recent report, not only does a person suffering from cancer have to worry about the medical costs that come along with treating the disease and preventing it from coming out of remission, these people also face a loss in income due to a lower level of productivity. Less income with more expenses often equals one thing: more financial problems.

But, as serious an illness as cancer is, unfortunately there is on “fast-track” for applicants who are suffering from the disease to get their SSD application decided more quickly. People living with cancer will still need to go through the application process in much the same was as anyone else would be required to do.

Most reports indicate that the average monthly SSD benefit is about $1,150.00. For someone who has medical bills stacking up, most likely with more to come, that type of monthly assistance can mean the difference when it comes to paying rent or putting food on the kitchen table. Social Security Disability can be an important resource for Americans who are suffering from a serious illness to draw upon.

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