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An overview of reasons a SSD benefits application might be denied

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2014 | Social Security Disability Benefits

Many people who go through the Social Security Disability application process probably feel tentative. They may be unsure of how the process goes, or what they will do if after all of the effort involved their application is denied. If the worst happens and an applicant is denied Social Security benefits, most of the time they simply want to know why.

A lot of reports indicate that the main reason that a Social Security Disability application is denied is because the applicant simply did not provide enough documentation of the medical condition to meet the requirements. The Social Security Administration is part of the federal government and if there is one thing about the federal government that is almost universally true it is this: the government is meticulous.

When the SSA receives an application for SSD benefits they will go over it with a fine-tooth comb. In most cases, if the initial application doesn’t seem to have enough information, the SSA will actually have someone reach out to the applicant to try to assist with gathering more documents in order to meet the medical requirements.

However, unfortunately in many cases – some reports say 6 out of 10 – the application is denied. But, the good news is that this initial denial does not mean that the person just has to live with their disability and try to make ends meet some other way: there is an appeals process, and anyone who has been denied will probably want to learn more about how to get an appeal started. Doing so could make the difference in a person’s ability to cope with their disability from a financial standpoint.

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