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Bill aims to tweak some Social Security Administration processes

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2014 | Social Security Administration News

Social Security funding is seemingly a constant part of the current discussion in our nation’s capital. As the population of our country ages there are millions more people who end up on the Social Security rolls every year, most of whom are finally getting their retirement payouts that they have been contributing to all of their working lives. But, funding for Social Security Disability is usually a hot topic as well, and a recent report noted that one United States Senator has introduced a bill with funding for SSD benefits in mind.

According to the report, the proposed bill is intended to reinforce some of the Social Security Administration’s current policies, while at the same time redirecting some resources. For instance, the bill proposes to keep the review of applications streamlined, with the potential for certain time requirements for applicants to meet to ensure the timely review of their applications.

Another part of the proposed bill would put mechanisms in place that ensure that those individuals who are supposed to receive SSD benefits on a temporary basis are marked as such – and that the Social Security Administration accurately tracks those individuals and the duration of their benefits. Some resources would be shifted toward keeping applicants who are not yet receiving SSD benefits employed in some capacity.

Most people are open to change if the proposed change would lead to positive results. It remains to be seen if this proposed bill will garner enough support in Congress to become law, but as the new representatives and senators take their places next year this bill is sure to be discussed.

Source:, “Coburn Introduces Bill to Protect and Strengthen the Social Security Disability Insurance Program,” Dec. 17, 2014

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