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Avoid common mistakes when applying for disability benefits

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2023 | Social Security Disability Benefits

If you have a disability preventing you from obtaining gainful employment, you may consider applying for disability benefits. Disability benefits allow for people with disabilities to continue to earn an income to provide for themselves.

However, if you apply for benefits, there are some common mistakes you will want to avoid to prevent losing your claim.

Be careful and provide complete information

If you fail to provide a complete application or make any mistakes on your forms, the SSA will deny your application. Be as thorough and precise as possible when detailing your medical condition, financial information and work history.

Try to convey the seriousness of your disability. Do not downplay your condition or its impact on your everyday life. Instead, describe how it affects your ability to maintain a normal quality of life. To improve your chances of eligibility, seek medical attention to help document your condition.

Do not overestimate your earning capacity

Be accurate when you represent your income and your previous work history. Sometimes, people will overestimate their earning capacity, and those exaggerations can raise red flags. You do not want to appear like you want to receive more money than you could make without disability. Instead, provide accurate documents about your income, work history and potential.

Do not refrain from appealing a denial

About 142,000 Californians have SSDI benefits, but not all receive them on the first try. Many valid claims wind up denied, but this is why you should always go through the appeal process. If you made an error in your initial application, you may discover it during the appeal process. Likewise, reevaluating your case may result in a more favorable outcome the second time.

Applying for Social Security Disability can be a lengthy, complicated process. However, when you know what errors to avoid, it can help make the process easier to handle.

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