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Battling anxiety at work

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2021 | Mental Conditions

People who experience anxiety at work may notice a significant impact on their focus and productivity. In serious circumstances, people suffering from anxiety may need to take time off of work.

There are many circumstances, behaviors and encounters that could trigger anxiety. People may benefit from knowing some strategies for minimizing these situations in the workplace.

Prioritize communication

People may feel uncomfortable at work as a result of personal insecurities, as well as concerning experiences they have in the workplace. For example, past traumas and low self-esteem may create anxiety, but so can being the victim of sexual harassment or discriminatory behavior. Regardless of the situation, people can benefit greatly when they communicate regularly with their coworkers. Some examples of ways people can use communication to reduce anxiety include the following:

  • Verify expectations and deadlines
  • Ask for assistance and support
  • Report unethical behavior
  • Suggest solutions to workplace issues
  • Improve understanding and compliance

With clear communication preceding all other actions, people may feel less anxious about their experiences at work.

Seek help

Serious anxiety may require intervention to manage and reduce. Some employers provide on-campus resources to address mental health needs. In cases where anxiety is so severe, people may need to temporarily stop working while they regain control of their health. According to the Social Security Administration, depending on the circumstances, some folks can get SSD benefits for a variety of mental health conditions including anxiety.

When people get the help they need before their condition worsens, they can retain control and prevent ongoing problems from impacting their jobs and undermining their careers.

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